Hi! I’m Dawn Fernandez.  I love to cook and share healthy food, teach about holistic living and believe that we each have the power to create the life of our dreams.

Transforming yourself into a healthy, strong vibrant woman doesn’t mean giving up all the fun or setting limitations that feel like a prison sentence.  It’s quite the opposite!  It’s about nourishing your body, mind and spirit, connecting to your intuition and moving from a place of surviving to thriving.

Within the span of four years, I quit my job, my children finished college and moved out of state, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I experienced the darkest of days. I felt fearful, depressed and lost. I was experiencing fatigue, my body ached and I was miserable.  Everyday I was asking myself, where did my life go?  Where did I go?  Who am I?  What now?  How can I get my sparkle back?  How can I feel healthy, strong and vibrant? How can I feel my best?     What work can I do that feeds my soul and makes and impact?   How can I connect and develop meaningful relationships with other women who feel the same way?  How can I express my creativity? 

Then it happened, the little voice inside said “there is more.” That is now what I refer to as my mid-life awakening. I took a leap of faith and embarked on a journey of self discovery and changed my entire life.  

Move the clock forward,….. I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Shortly thereafter I was introduced to the benefits of essential oils and began sharing my passion as a Wellness Educator with Young Living and am now supporting and guiding others on their own Holistic Living Journey! 

I started with nutrition. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer we became aware of the role diet, nutrition and lifestyle play in our immune response. I began experimenting with recipes adding in more whole foods, I started doing yoga and meditation and recognized the power our thoughts have on our well-being.  He is 8 years cancer free and thriving.  I am half the size I was, I feel healthy, strong and vibrant. I got my sparkle back and I am creating the life I want.  I’m keeping it real, I’m not afraid to be vulnerable; I’ve done the work and know what it takes.  I am here to help you get your sparkle back and shine even brighter.  I am here to guide you on the path of transformation and empower you to thrive.  I invite you on this journey of becoming an awakened woman who feels good about who she is again.


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