Gratitude – Primary Foods

Want to know a simple secret to happiness?


Yes, it’s really that simple.

It is very beneficial to write down the things in your life for which you are grateful.  It can be as simple as a beautiful flower you saw on a walk or as profound as the love you have for your family. It can instantly put you in a new state of happiness and awareness of all your blessings.  When you do this on a day that is particularly trying, it actually has the power to change the direction of your entire day!

There is nothing more powerful to change your perspective than to be grateful.
Life is always presenting challenges and ups and downs. We are constantly living with a challenge, getting past a challenge or starting a challenge.  Our character and strength have continuous opportunities to grow.

Sometimes it is hard to understand why we have these challenges. Some examples might be:

Why does my friend have cancer?
Why do small children become sick and suffer?
Why is...

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Everyday Rituals to Help You Thrive

For many women, our focus is external. We put so much of our energy into taking care of our family, to balancing our duties at home and work, and to cultivating friendships that we often have little energy left to nurture ourselves. Rituals are a beautiful way to connect back to our true selves. It is time for us to reclaim our passion for life and revive the wisdom within us and integrate that into everyday life. Rituals are a simple, yet beautiful way to elevate the ordinary to extraordinary; they put meaning into each moment.

A lot of women tell me they feel guilty for taking care of themselves and taking time to relax. Many of us have grown up in an environment where our emotional needs were not met and we learned to take care of others to the exclusion of taking care of ourselves. I’ve noticed a better version of me emerges and I have more to give when I integrate meaningful rituals into my everyday life.

A ritual can be as simple as saying thank you when you wake each...

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