40 Days of Prayer & Practice Guidebook

Hey there…

Come on over. 

Pull up a chair.

Can I pour you a cup of tea? I want to share a little story with you.

How are you feeling? What’s new and good? Are you feeling strong and supported as you navigate these crazy waters we find ourselves swimming in?

It’s a lot to process right?!

If there was ever a time to take care of ourselves, NOW’s THE TIME.

The Divine Feminine is rising and as she does, she’s showing us how important it is that we put ourselves 1st even more. 

That we put ourselves on the list and don’t cancel.

That we nourish ourselves from the inside out so that we can be as strong and healthy as possible so not to get lost on the tumultuous current of chaos, fear and division.

That we support ourselves with sacred spiritual practices and restful sleep.

That we remember the magic that lives within each and every one of us.

That the peace and healing we are all craving is possible and that it all starts with each and everyone of us.

Believe me… I understand. I know how easy it is to forget! I’m a Health Coach and I love geeking out to all this stuff and yet I can still end up in the ditch! 

Earlier this year, I had put down many of the practices that I know help me feel my very best and I wanted to get back into that rhythm… that flow that makes me feel so vibrant and alive!

I had no idea where it was going to lead me, but what unfolded was remarkable. 

I run everything through 4 filters. I call them The Filters of Prayer & Practice: The food we nourish ourselves with, the environment we live in, the nature we bathe ourselves with and the spiritual practices we steep ourselves in. 

Creating a lifestyle that supports a seasonal, sustainable and joy-filled life is always multi-pronged. Foods that keep the channel clear, maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with your home environment, ways of being in nature and enlightening spiritual prayers and practices are daily ways I connect to the Earth, to Source and most importantly MYSELF. 

It is our birthright to live a joy-filled life and we all deserve and are worthy of feeling our best while living it!

On the Summer Solstice I began sharing my process of remembering the joy on Instagram. I called it 40 Days of Prayer & Practice. It was a way to hold myself accountable and support others in the process.


Wow. Just wow. Such an incredible process. 

I remembered that when I eat life giving foods my body feels better, my mind is sharper and I can hear my inner voice more clearly. 

I experienced the difference in my day when I first went in and up with a morning prayer and meditation and set an intention for my day. 

I felt supported and held when I put my bare feet on the earth. 

I learned to get okay with feeling uncomfortable about openly sharing my personal practices and that when I did, it created a safe space for others to do the same. 

Most importantly, I saw how each is part of the whole and that it’s all connected. 

Because it was such a transformational and joy-filled experience for me, I decided to combine it all here, add in a few new/updated touches here and there and bundle it up for you to open and experience.

Think of it like a box of sunshine…

An Advent Calendar if you will…

With 40 Days of the yummy and nourishing chocolates to savor and enjoy each day!

My wish is that these Prayers & Practices will help you NOURISH CONNECT and THRIVE in a way that sets you up for whatever is to come next on this wild ride.

During a time when we need all the prayer and practice we can muster, allow this Guidebook to be guard rails, inspiration and support as you explore and remember ways to create conscious and healthy nourishment practices, environmental prayers and relationships with nature that connect us straight to Source.

In addition to the 40 Days of Prayer & Practices accompanied by gorgeous images, journal prompts and even a deeper dive into the 7 Chakras, you will receive little love notes from me via email to check in, provide support as well as accountability. 


We forget.

We get stuck.

We find ourselves off track.

I’m here for you. I’ve got you. Let me support you. Walk beside you on your journey.


May these 40 Days (or however long it takes) of Prayer & Practices help you find your way back to yourself. Because pouring from a full cup is so much more sustainable than trying to pour from an empty cup!

Speaking of an empty cup… I see you’ve finished your tea! Can I pour you some more?

Are you ready for more nourishment?

Are you ready to embody a more joy-filled life?

Start your 40 Days of Prayer & Practice TODAY!



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