Challenge Your Beliefs Change Your Life

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2019

A talisman can be any object that can be used as a tool or reminder that can bring good luck in some area of our life . Their use can be found in many cultures and religions.

I am increasingly becoming more aware of how that shows up in my life..

My moose coffee mug recently made its way back to me after being in storage in Florida. It’s special because my husband and I have collected a few during our travels through the west. During those trips, particularly to Grand Teton National Park we were graced with many sightings of moose, often along the Gros Ventre River. Their majestic presence took my breath away. I felt strength, power and protection. They have a keen sense of awareness.  They project a gentle demeanor but can be fierce when the need arises. When I drink my coffee and see the image of the moose on my mug I am reminded of their character.

I love looking at the symbolism of animals and reference “Animal-Speak” by Ted Andrews often. This is what it says about the moose: “the moose represents primal feminine energies, the maternal forces of the world. They also are associated with water. Water is the primal symbol of the feminine forces of the universe. When moose shows up into your life, the primal contact with the great feminine force and void of life is being awakened.  It is an invitation to learn to explore new depths of awareness and sensitivity within yourself and within your environs.” Wowza!

A confession: I subconsciously have held the belief that strength, power and protection were characteristics to describe men not women.  Where do these beliefs come from? We all have stored thoughts in our mind that have become our belief system. These beliefs reside in our subconscious and direct our life. I think we often go about living on auto pilot. We cling to those beliefs never taking the time to ask, where did that belief come from. Does it serve me to keep that belief? How would it serve me to shed that belief and create a better one? I am replacing my belief that strength, power and protection are characteristics to describe only men and accept and believe that woman are also strong, powerful protectors. Society has separated the characteristics of masculine and feminine for centuries.  If a girl wants to play army or play baseball she may be called a tomboy.  If a boy wants to play with Barbie’s or wear pink he may be called a sissy.  Many of us have been taught to ignore the opposing qualities of our gender. I grew up in a patriarchal home environment that has subconsciously formed my belief that men are the strong, powerful protectors.  That belief no longer serves me. I have my moose mug to remind me that I AM strong. I AM a powerful protector.   

What belief will you create to replace the beliefs that no longer serve you?


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