Creating Sacred Space

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2018

Creating little sacred spaces and carving moments out of each day to practice mindful self care to nourish our mind, body and spirit leads to a healthy joyful life.

Morning meditation is a great ritual to start the day. Checking in with ourself grounds us and sets our intention. I often use a mantra or pull an affirmation card, then use that to center my thoughts. I also like guided meditations at times and have had great experiences with @deepakchopra and @oprah meditation challenges. Other times I like listening to drumming music. It doesn’t have to be the same or silent. It’s about finding what resonates with you.

I use to think meditation was to shut off our brain. Then I realized that is not it at all. It’s about sitting with our thoughts, separating ourselves from them and letting them go if need be. I keep a journal near by to jot down what comes to me. It’s very insightful and brings awareness to thought patterns and behaviors. I also incorporate essential oils. The limbic brain is where we store memories and emotions and it responds to smell. When you inhale an essential oil it only takes 22 seconds for it to reach our limbic brain. Frankincense is a favorite for meditation. Not all essential oils are created equal. I use and confidently recommend Young Living Essential Oils. I’d be honored to help guide you on ways you can use essential oils to create and support living a holistic lifestyle.

I’ll leave you with this, some words from Abraham Hicks 10 minute morning meditation you can find on YouTube.

This is a good morning, this is a new day, this is a new beginning, this is me choosing my thoughts more intentionally, this is being aware of how I am feeling, this is me being in touch with my emotions, this is me allowing myself to be in the receptive mode, receptive mode for everything I intended and everything I’ve asked for. I am in alignment with all that I have become. This is a good day!


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